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We recognise the transformative power of agriculture, agri-business, and entrepreneurship as important forces for sustainable development and economic empowerment. Through our expertise in development communication, media, research, and advocacy, we are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant agricultural sector that not only feeds communities but also serves as a cornerstone for thriving agri-businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

Innovative Farming Practices: We promote innovative farming practices that increase productivity, are environmentally sustainable, and can adapt to climate change. Through workshops and training programmes, farmers learn about modern agriculture techniques, including precision farming, sustainable water management, and organic farming, enhancing both yield and soil health.

Research and Development: Our commitment to research ensures that our initiatives are evidence-based and tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities in agriculture. By collaborating with academic and research institutions, we facilitate the development of new crop varieties, pest management solutions, and technologies that boost agricultural efficiency and resilience.

Agri-business Support Programmes: We support agri-businesses by providing access to business development services, including market analysis, financial planning, and supply chain management. Our media campaigns highlight successful agri-business models, inspiring entrepreneurs and providing them with the knowledge to replicate these successes. Recognising the importance of access to markets and finance for agri-business growth, we facilitate connections between farmers, agri-businesses, and financial institutions. Through partnerships, we help create platforms and networks that provide access to local, regional, and international markets, as well as financial products tailored to the needs of agricultural entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Skills Development: We offer training and mentorship programmes focused on entrepreneurial skills development, including leadership, innovation, and risk management to the youth and women. These programmes are designed to empower new and existing entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in the agricultural sector. This includes business planning, financial literacy, marketing strategies, and innovation management, ensuring entrepreneurs are well-prepared to navigate the business world.

Advocacy for Supportive Policies: Leveraging our expertise in advocacy, we engage with policymakers to advocate for supportive policies that create an enabling environment for agriculture and agri-business development. This includes policies on land use, agricultural subsidies, access to credit, and investment in agricultural infrastructure. Our approach to agriculture, agri-business, and entrepreneurship development is holistic and integrated, aiming to create a sustainable future where agriculture serves as a foundation for economic growth and social well-being. By empowering farmers and entrepreneurs, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for supportive policies, GLOMEF is committed to transforming agriculture into a sector that not only feeds the world but also drives economic development and innovation.

Mentorship and Networking: Recognising the value of guidance and connections, we facilitate mentorship opportunities and create networking platforms. These initiatives connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and peers, fostering a supportive community that encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Technology and Innovation Support: Understanding the critical role of technology in today’s business landscape, we provide entrepreneurs with access to technological tools and support for innovation. This includes training in digital skills, access to software and equipment, and support for tech-driven business models.

Strengthening the Ecosystem: Our pledge to strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem is rooted in a belief that empowered entrepreneurs can drive positive change. By providing education, resources, and support, and by advocating for a conducive policy environment, GLOMEF aims to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem where entrepreneurs can flourish.

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