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Our Approach

To ensure effective audience-cantered communication strategies taking individual, group and global needs into account especially in the sustainable development, GLOMEF has these six principles for effective communications for projects and programmes implementation. They are

  • Accessible
  • Actionable
  • Credible and trusted
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Understandable

GLOMEF strives at all times to ensure these principles are at the core of its communication activities and are reflected in the full range of materials and activities: social media messages; web-based fact sheets, feature stories, documentaries/commentaries, infographics, Q&As; press conferences, news releases and theatre arts; videos; visibility and outreach activities. Effective mapping of communications channels will ensure GLOMEF’s messages are disseminated through multiple channels so that audiences receive GLOMEF information, advice and guidance several times from a range of sources.


Current Donors/Sponsors

  • Ecorys UK
  • Global Fund/Christian Hospital Association of Ghana
  • Global Fund/Ghana Health Service
  • GIZ Ghana
  • World Bank/Ministry of Roads and Highways
  • Plan International Ghana/Global Affairs Canada
  • STAR Ghana Foundation

Past Donors

  • Safe Abortion Action Fund UK
  • AmplifyChange UK
  • International Fertilizer Development Center
  • Global Greengrant Fund
  • Australian High Commission
  • Japanese Embassy
  • Nottingham University UK
  • ADRA Ghana/Global Fund
  • Ghana AIDS Commission
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