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We believe in the power of communication and media to drive social change, especially in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). Our comprehensive approach involves various strategies aimed at educating, empowering, and advocating for SRHR across all societal levels. Below are some of our strategies:

Awareness and Education: We facilitate important conversations on sexual and reproductive health through TV, radio, and online campaigns, aiming to bust myths and spread knowledge. We also organise workshops and forums in communities and schools to offer safe space for open dialogue and accurate information about sexual and reproductive health rights.


Advocacy for Change: Through our media initiatives, we emphasise the importance of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), pushing for policy changes and greater funding to implement project and programmesmes that uphold these crucial rights. By amplifying personal stories and research findings, we aim to cultivate a supportive public dialogue, advocating for legislative adjustments and broader societal acceptance of SRHR.

Support Networks: In collaboration with the Ghana Health Service, we provide confidential support through our helplines and online platforms, ensuring a safe and respectful space for individuals to seek advice on SRHR issues. Additionally, we embark on empowerment campaigns aimed at enabling individuals, especially women and girls, to fully grasp and advocate for their sexual and reproductive health rights, thereby promoting informed decisions and personal autonomy.

Collaboration and Innovation: By partnering with NGOs, healthcare providers, and international organisations, we extend our reach in educating and advocating for SRHR, significantly enhancing our impact. We also harness innovative technology, utilizing mobile apps and social media to make information and support on SRHR more accessible to wider audiences, facilitating engaging and impactful conversations.

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