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At GLOMEF, we are dedicated to empowering women, recognising their pivotal role in shaping resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities. We believe that empowering women is fundamental to achieving lasting social change. This comprehensive initiative is designed to address the multifaceted challenges women face, while also harnessing their unique strengths and perspectives in contributing to societal advancement.

Empowerment and Skill Building: We offer programmes focused on skill development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship, enabling women to gain independence, access economic opportunities, and contribute to their communities’ prosperity.

Climate Resilience: Understanding the disproportionate impact of climate change on women, we integrate women into our climate resilience initiatives. We engage them in environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture practices, and disaster preparedness, ensuring they are not only beneficiaries but also active agents of climate resilience.

Participation in Decision Making: We advocate for and facilitate the increased involvement of women in decision-making processes, from local community councils to national governance structures. Our efforts aim to amplify women’s voices and ensure their perspectives and needs are considered in policy and planning at community, district and national levels.

Advocacy on Unpaid Care Work: Knowing the significant but often undervalued contribution of women in unpaid care work, we embark on advocacy campaigns to raise awareness and push for policies that recognise, reduce, and redistribute unpaid care responsibilities. We strive for societal and governmental recognition of this work’s value, aiming for supportive policies that alleviate the burden on women and promote gender equality. At the community level, we educate both men and women about the importance of sharing care responsibilities, promoting community support systems and initiatives that alleviate the burden on women and advance gender equality.

Health and Education: We prioritise women’s health and education, offering programmes that provide access to sexual and reproductive health services, mental health support, and educational opportunities. These initiatives empower women to make informed decisions about their lives and futures.

Leadership Development: Through mentorship, leadership training, and networking opportunities, we prepare women to take on leadership roles within their communities and beyond, fostering a new generation of female leaders committed to social change.

Community Engagement and Support Networks: We build supportive networks among women, creating spaces for them to share experiences, offer mutual support, and collaborate on community projects. These networks empower women to collectively address challenges and advocate for their rights.

GLOMEF envisions a world where women are fully empowered to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from all aspects of society. Our women development projects demonstrate our commitment to this vision, striving to break barriers and create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership, and active participation in building a more just and sustainable world.

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